NEW.   We are  offering a Lifetime Warranty on our J – CRADLES never to loose their shape.

Please see our terms and conditions below.

J Cradles for side loading racks.     Custom made for your make and model of Sea kayak.

Our Cradles fit all side loading racks and are excellent for easy loading as they are strong and flexible yet allow loading the sea kayak onto them without the kayak slipping off before fitting the straps, making life a lot easier.    Supplied in pairs complete with straps and fitting kits with no hidden extra costs.


Our J Cradles are the same as supplied for normal roof bars the difference is the special fitting kit supplied for all Side Loading Racks. 

Supplied in pairs and come complete with straps and fitting kits.   

These Cradles are strong and still flexible and were the first on the market place some 25 years ago and do not require extra supports to hold them in shape, they are very popular for Side Loading Racks. 

J CRADLES are made to order and are Custom Made for your make and model of Kayak to ensure a perfect fit when transporting your valuable sea kayak and are UV protected.   

We will also do generic CRADLES to fit all sea kayaks should this be required.

Do not leave your Kayak  on Cradles without tightening the straps when the side loading is down for loading as it could be knocked and could fall off!

We strongly recommend that you do not leave your straps on the roof when not in use,  straps do degrade with UV light. 

Terms and conditions on LIFETIME WARRANTY.   Only covers normal use of transporting Sea kayaks and doesn’t cover the carrying of heavy bulky objects.