It all started over 20 + years ago when I was away on the west coast of Scotland Sea Kayaking when a fellow paddler approached me, puffing on his pipe saying ‘ where did you get this gear?’    I replied that since there was nothing suitable on the market I made it myself.   He was referring to the Trolley and the bent bars on my roof bars to hold the Kayak.    Mmm, he replied, I run a company for Sea Kayaks and Accessories called Scottish Paddler Supplies, this is something we could market.    Over a dram ( or more! ) that evening the company of KCS came alive and a long friendship was underway.    We discussed what to call these bent bars on my roof and the name Cradle was born!

Mike Thomson and myself spent many times out on the west testing our products ( that was our excuse ) and paddling to Skye, Eigg & Rum along with trips to Coll and Tiree to name a few.

At Kayak Carrier Systems, we are always striving to improve the finish of our products, innovate new designs which are superior to all others on the market, this is why we are the leaders in Sea Kayaking accessories and equipment.   On several occasions we have been asked to design and manufacture bespoke products for other boating applications.

Exciting new products are being tested and coming soon as we are always working on prototypes and new designs.

Our J Cradles are bespoke and made to match your make and model of sea kayak, as all kayaks have different shaped hulls, thus ensuring that ours are going to be the best on the market to transport your kayak safely.

We also manufacture Bespoke Cradles to our customers design.

Our Trolleys are constantly evolving, with the Mark 5 model which proves that we are always striving to make our products more user friendly, and by expanding the existing design into Canadian Canoe and Sit on Top Kayak markets as with our unique design we have been able to change the size and profile to fit wider and differently shaped hulls.

We also can manufacture Bespoke Trolleys to our customers requirements.

If you can’t find a product design that you are looking for we will be willing to design one for your application.

Hope you enjoy discovering our unique products and our image galleries.

Please note: The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden extras.