This option is for sail only as a replacement or for your own mast and boom.



Sail only as a replacement for your existing set up.     

Our sails are made from the highest quality of material available on the market and are manufactured by OWEN SAILS in the U.K. one of the most highly respected Sail Makers in Europe for their quality.

We gave Owen Sails a rough design of what we required  in design for a Kayak Sail, they came up with a design different in cut and shape to all others on the market.  Since then we have had amazing feedback from customers on the performance of the sails.   Dr. Douglas Wilcox conducted extensive tests on the sail before we went into production and was also very impressed with the performance in light winds force 2/3 and also in force 5. 


His report can be found by clicking on this link, https://seakayakphoto.blogspot.com/2021/05/kcs-ky-pro-sail-system-test-and-review.html