disabled sea kayaking trolley

bespoke snow sledge trolleys

made for Iceland expedition, in case of no snow for the sledges.

Bespoke Trolley

Disabled Beach Buggy converts back to Sea

Kayak Trolley

Over time we have been asked to produce specialised products to suit clients needs, this we have done from a Sea kayakers Disabled Buggy which also transformed back to a Sea kayak Trolley. Other products have been Trolleys for Expeditions to carry Snow Sledges over rough terrain in Iceland plus on several occasions specialised Cradles to fit unusual shaped hulls along with one off Trolleys to take deep V Hulls and various other unusual shaped hulls.
We are always willing to hear what our customer is after and then come up with an innovative design to suit their requirements. Here are a few images of some of the Specialised products we have made and been put to the test.