Compact Day Trolley, this trolley is designed for day trips to get your Sea Kayak from the car park over pavements, grass and hard surfaces.    This trolley is not intended for rough terrain or fully laden kayaks, see our popular KY-EX Expedition Trolley for rough portages and on and off ferry ramps.

It fits simply over the bow or stern on the keel wherever it has a snug fit onto the keel and hull.     Thick foam to protect your kayak and small 150mm wheels making it easy to drop into a hatch.



Our  KCS – Compact Day Trolley is proving very popular.   Very easy to fit and fits all hatches, ideal for taking your kayak down to the sea when not fully laden.

IMPORTANT – WHEN ORDERING.   Standard model which fits the following Sea Kayaks, NDK, P&H, Valley, Evolution and North Shore.   

If you have a TIDERACE please let us know as the KY – COMPACT we make for this sea kayak has a different profile.     

TIDERACE PACE we have just developed our Compact Day Trolley to fit this hull profile.   

ROCKPOOL SEA KAYAKS please let us know which model you have.      Please see our image which shows the variety of V shapes to fit different Kayak Designs.   New Image of a Taran and our new version of KY – Compact which is the perfect fit for this Sea Kayak.

Simple to use by fitting either to the stern or bow wherever it fits best on your model of Sea kayak and can be used either by pushing or pulling,  I prefer the pushing method and most users will agree.  Keeping the strap on the trolley is the best as you can then just slip it over the kayak to the desired position, tighten and go.      As quick as that!    The Compact Trolley is not recommended for fully laden Sea kayaks.

For fully laden kayaks we still recommend our KY – EX Mark 6.