KCS – ADVENTURE TROLLEY available for SIT ON TOP KAYAKS and CANADIAN CANOES and come complete with either 10″ foam filled tyres with plastic centres or with wide Sand Wheels both types of wheels are puncture proof.   The extra wide large plastic pads are strong with heavy duty thick foam  to support these large canoes and kayaks, the frames are strong to take the weight.

Covered by our 10 year warranty on Main Frames and Pads not to lose there shape or ware out, exceptions are axle, wheels and foam.

Warranty does not cover alterations by heat or by any other source to change alter or remove parts bonded in, inserts, and studs on the pads.

We are so confident in our products lasting the test of time with some Trolleys and J Cradles still in perfect working order after 20 years + of continued use.


Latest product now available due to our designs of Trolleys we can change items to suit all requirements.    The Trolley is manufactured by ourselves in our workshop made from the same long lasting materials as our other equipment.     The trolley is 750mm wide and extremely strong and will take the weight ( and lots more ) of a fully laden Sit on Top Kayak over the roughest of terrain.   The image sent in by a customer of his Ocean Kayak on boulders with this Trolley in which he has done over 100 miles and has been asked to test to destruction which he has found impossible!

Please note when ordering.     Please tell us which wheels you would prefer for your Trolley.   

The Sand Wheels are harder with a wide foot print.

The Foam Filled have a slight cushioned effect.     Both are 10″ in diameter.