After an extensive test conducted by Dr. Douglas Wilcox we can now introduce our new KCS – PRO SAIL SYSTEMS.  Sail size 0.75m sq., and is of spritsail design with one batten and external Boom. Sail has a mast sleeve and downhaul and outhaul eyes for attachment to the boom.  If required we offer a no drilling option on your expensive Sea Kayak, which can be moved to other kayaks.     Our sail is made to the highest quality by Owen Sails near Oban one of the most respected Sail Makers in the U.K.     Please see the independent and honest test undertaken by Dr. Douglas Wilcox the expert in Kayak Sailing at,

All fittings are made from the highest quality available, the Mast and Boom are Carbon Fibre, the Hatch Cover is made of Polypropylene covered on the top with Carbon effect an Alloy Plate for the stays and mast base for extra strength.  The Hatch Cover is watertight and takes all the pressure asserted when kayak sailing and our SYSTEM is designed to spread the forces over a much larger area of your kayak.

DELIVERY TIMESPlease contact us for our delivery schedule before ordering.

Specifications.       Available in 4 options.

1/ As a replacement Sail for Flat Earth, our design is different however Douglas Wilcox our tester has found it fits their mast and boom for the Flat Earth.   

2/ This package is for Sail, mast, boom and all hardware required for kayaks already drilled for the mast foot / or to be drilled for the fittings. 

3/ Our no drilling system / for round P & H or other makes of forward hatch, the complete package, Sail, Mast Boom, mast foot attachment all stays, sheets and auxiliary items including our newly designed Hatch Cover.  Please specify the make and model of Kayak.

4/ As above complete for Valley Oval Front Hatch or for Kayaksport Oval Front Hatch.    Please specify make and model of kayak.

All the above come with a  Sail bag. 

Sail colour is available in Red Dacron ( top quality material ) the other material is Trilaminate again of the best quality available.    Owen sails said they would not use a lesser quality of sail materials in any production and were only to happy when I specified ‘ only the best will do’

Images by courtesy of Dr. Douglas Wilcox the link to his blog for the sail test report and other equipment tests can be found at