We have been undertaking a variety of repairs to Sea Kayaks,  up to now we have just been doing these by word of mouth. As we expand with more staff in the company we are offering repairs to Fibreglass and Gelcoats, however we can only give quotes and  time for the repair on seeing the kayak at our workshop. This is due to the nature of damage as so often there are underlying problems which are hidden below the gelcoat. The images show the damage to the stern of a Valley Avocet and the finished repair, two images shows the missing Gelcoat the other the hidden hairline cracks which have been highlighted to show the extent of the damage to be removed as if they are not treated will continue to creep along the gelcoat and allow water to ingress into the fibreglass causing osmosis, which is deadly to fibreglass. Even fine cracks in the gelcoat can cause serious problems to all fibreglass especially these items that are in the water.

The Valley Knordkapp pictured here was damaged on rocks and suffered severe fracturing of the hull and deck, we managed to keep all in line, cutout the damage and add  new fibreglass inside and out without adding to the weight yet still managed to keep the strength in the hull and the deck, the sleek line of the hull showed no signs of the damage suffered when the repair was completed. As the kayak was old we used black gelcoat as a match for the red deck was impossible!

On leaving your kayak with us it should be noted that it will be kept locked in our shed. Please make an appointment to bring your kayak to us so that we can determine the length of time required for the repair and the cost involved.