Disability sport sea kayaking trolley transforms to a beach buggy for the paddler with a disability stows easy in the compartment and come apart with ease, simple to use comes complete with a harness to get it pulled down to the kayak can also be used as a sea kayak trolley

We have now finished a new design for our V - Cradles which will also work on our J-Cradles.

This design is for Kayakers who have problems getting their kayak onto the roof and will also

be the perfect partner for our KAYAK ROOF LOADER making it very easy to load your kayak

onto the roof, eliminating the risk of injury when struggling to load your kayak.

The two rollers are mounted on the rear Cradle thus allowing the kayak to be rolled up and onto the

V - Cradles ready to be strapped down.

The Rollers x 2 which are fitted to the V -Cradle will assist loading Kayaks onto any vehicle.



I was asked to come up with a design for a girl a keen Sea Kayaker with a disability.

The design had to be able to convert from a Sea Kayak Trolley with an extension for her to sit on, to

be pulled down to her kayak. It comes apart very easly with a couple of thumb screws, the design allows

it to come apart and fit through the hatch and stow away in the compartment.

Now fully tested, finished and ready to go, in use most days, as she and her partner are very keen sea paddlers.

The kayak is taken on the trolley to the waters edge, the trolley is brought back and the extension

fitted to get her down to the sea. It comes with a harness which he uses to get her down to her kayak

and back to the car after a days paddling. The images show it is short enough to fit into a kayak.

If anyone is interested we can make another as we are keen to offer sea kayaking to all.











































LARS. Lift Assist Roofrack System.

Here are some images of Niall Skinners new Gas Assisted Kayak Loader. It's very easy to use and removes the

need to buy cross bars, quiet while travelling no rattles and hardly any wind noise and easy to fit. It can be ordered

with different strengths of gas struts depending on how many kayaks and other factors. There is no need to strain

yourself as the Gas Struts do the lifting and a light push puts it back into place to lock it. It cannot go twisted when

pushing it back in and I have found it a delight to use.

This is indeed an amazing piece of kit well engineered by an engineering designer and sea kayaker. Niall has a high

van and loads four boats at a time on his own! Niall's webite is.,
















New designs and Innovations





The final bespoke model, we changed the foot rest and made it smaller. The wee wheel at the rear is off the ground and stops the Buggy from tipping backwards. The whole unit comes apart with four hand wheels, the front section comes apart when the pins for the wheels are removed, no screws or bolts.

Jane on final fitting test and please note the Buggy is short enough for her to sit on it and not too long for going into a sea kayak when dismantled.

Not shown is the harness for Chris to get her down to the sea. Now she has the freedom to get over a long beach when the tide is out, all be it she still needs ( a pack horse ) to get her to the sea.