kayak_roof_loader_for_ease_of-getting_your_kayak_onto_the_roof_of_vehicles easy_to_load_a_kayak ease_of_fitting_to_your_vehicle




Suitable for Kayaks, Car Topper Dinghies

Canadian Canoes, Sit on Kayaks

and anything else that is difficult to get

on and off your vehicle's roof




NEW. Now comes with two hooks and two straps. One set for the roof and one for the Tailgate, this makes it very easy to fit and remove. Please see our image further down.


The all new KAYAK ROOF LOADER is now available.

After extensive tests we are pleased to announce the new loader is now available.


Designed with the rollers in a V ... ensuring that when loading the kayak there is no possibility of the kayak veering off centre, as with a straight roller system they do not stop the kayak from going to the left or right, this can allow the kayak to fall off the side and worse still it could end up on the ground! Our new attachment allows the kayak to be loaded on it's side to slide into the *J-Cradles, without any chance of the kayak falling off

onto the ground. This simple device, a long plastic hook, clips into the Cradle and is held in place with a strap. * Fits our J- Cradles and ones of similar design with the top slot.


Our New system fits all vehicles estates, 4 x 4's and some saloon cars with the attachment of a strap and our hook to either on the tailgate or bumper, it's quick and easy to fit allowing a kayak to be loaded in a couple of minutes. Now comes with two hooks and two straps, one for the roof bar and one for the tailgate, easy to attach and remove by keeping the straps and hooks ready for the next time on the loader.


The Rollers are made from Nylon with the centre one rubber, they do not mark the hull of your expensive sea kayak nor will they cause any damage, the system is wide enough to support your kayak when loading. The mounting frame is all plastic with a foam base ensuring that your vehicle will not get marked.

Size; 50cm wide X 15cm high X 12cm wide.

Roller System comes ready to use with two straps strap and two plastic hooks.










Roof bar hook ( above )

Left; The new easy system with

two straps and two hooks.

Easy to set up every time.











Image above; The Loading System attached to the vehicle, kayak at an angle The strap with the hook fitted.

ready for the bow to be lifted onto the rollers.

































The roller system in place with the attachment clipped into the J-Cradle and strap fitted in a J-Cradle.

This attachment only fits our J-Cradles or similar ones.



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