Our superior quality J - Cradles offer the

best protection for your kayak during transpotation.


Transporting your valuable sea kayak on our J - Cradles allows them to take all the shocks, stress

and vibration away from the kayak, protecting it while in transit.

Transporting your kayak on its side at the strongest point the best way to have it on the roof.

The other point is on the keel which some kayakers prefer as it is easier to load when on

your own from the back of your vehicle.



**Here are some points on why the KCS J - CRADLES are the best ones manufactured on the

market for your Sea Kayak.


Manufactured from 12mm virgin grade polypropylene ( scratch resistant ), 10 mm closed cell foam,

stainless steel studs bonded to brass inserts and alloy plates for standard roof bars.

Fittings for other models of roof bars, ( eg; Thule Aero and Slide Bars etc: ) are fitted with

stainless steel bolts and alloy plates.


Pair of J - Cradles come complete with fitting kit, straps, instructions and free carriage.


* Our tried and tested Cradles offer excellent cradling for your sea kayak fitting it like

it should ... snuggly.


* Exceptional quality, hard wearing, built to last.


* Fittings for all models of Roof Bars.


* New specifications are better than before.



* All J - CRADLES are uniform in shape.


* Kayak supported on it's side and rests in place while attaching straps.


* No extra supports required to hold the J shape of our Cradles.


* UV protected.



Do not keep your straps on the Cradles when not in use. Please see our TECHNICAL PAGE

for details on this important point.


Free UK delivery on all products.


We are willing to offer a free fitting service for anyone heading on the A9 north of Perth.



Please contact us either by phone or email on;




telephone; 01350 728617


Our J - Cradles were the first on the market

manufactured from true Virgin Polypropylene.


High quality combined with design excellence make our J - Cradles






NEW specification shape for our J - Cradles now snuggle your kayak better than ever.


Our J - Cradles do not lose their original shape.


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